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Welcome to the World of Ordnyanic

Opash Socio-Commercials Pvt. Ltd. brings you its latest project “Ordnyanic” which literally means dnyan, knowledge and wisdom of the soil. With Ordnyanic, we are aiming to bring to you the joy of producing everyday “Ordnyanic Vegetables” in your own terrace using Ordnyanic waste generated in your home all while doing your bit at keep the surroundings clean and your family healthy. If you are someone who would love home-grown vegetables but confused about how to start, or if you are someone who has tried it but things didn’t quite go as expected due to inadequate knowledge, or if you simply couldn’t dedicate the time it demands… But still have keen interest in producing some residue-free vegetables…. This project – Ordnyanic – is just for you! Services under Ordnyanic are Chargeable & Available for Private Terrace Owners upon taking Yearly Subscriptions.


Upon taking yearly subscription you get following services:

Kitchen Gardening

A. Infrastructure

  • Base structure- Metallic
  • Grow Bag- HDPE (Heavy Duty Plastic Tarpaulin)
  • Soil and Dung Mixture + Bio Fertilizer
  • Automatic Irrigation System
  • Creeper Net
  • Green Shed which covers top of the garden bed

A. Sowing/Plantation
C. Maintenance
D. Re-cropping as and when required

Kitchen Waste Composting

1. Setting up and maintaining the wet garbage compost pit

2. Providing guidance and expertise in composting wet garbage

3. Utilization of compost for the kitchen garden


Important Features

  • Hassle free: A self-sufficient and self-running Terrace Farm with minimum to no dependency on owners!
  • High-Returns: Guaranteed returns sufficient for you, your family and also your neighbors!
  • Stress-free: All security norms for covid-19 are strictly adhered to. Additionally, it saves your trips to crowded markets!
  • Mess-free: The Terrace Farming unit is a state of the art model to add to the aesthetic quotient of your abode!
  • RESIDUE-FREE: The taste and smell of the natural and chemical free produce will be the certificate for your residue-free living!
  • Water Waste Free: Use of Effective Water Saving Techniques, like Drip Irrigation.
  • Farming Focused on ‘Soil Nutrition’

You’re Rewarded with

  • Residue free clean food at a hand’s distance
  • Improved knowledge of Terrace Farming
  • Soulful connect with nature
  • Immense satisfaction of home-grown food
  • Reduced dependence on vegetable markets as you grow the maximum quota of your vegetables at home !
  • AND, one step closer to be Self-Sufficient !

Why Us?

OPASH is a commercial organization aspiring to create a support structure for the development sector and be a catalyst for systematic innovation. We at Opash are a mix of young professionals, inspired and bound together through a common goal of social betterment.

We take immense pride in our excellent customer service and are sure to be recommended by you to your near and dear ones!

Our Expertise

  • Soil Based Farming
  • Professional Service
  • Involvement of Expert
  • Value Addition

Ordnyanic – Actual Site Photographs