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Social Tourism

Social Tourism is an initiative which facilitates the exchange of knowledge about model villages and ...

CSR Consultancy

Opash works together with the corporates for their CSR initiatives and objectives through strategic ...

Platform for Social Entrepreneurship

Opash envisions to encourage social entrepreneurship through a platform for the youth to enter into the social ...

Implementing Partner

Opash joins hands with the government and NGOs for their respective projects by providing those with the strategic ...


  • Open workshop for Internal Committee Members – POSH.(Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace)
  • Camp-Kaleidoscope
  • Event 3
  • Event Two
  • Event One


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Our Philosophy

We believe that a positive change in society at larger scale is possible through a paradigm shift in society’s accumulative thinking & actions. And the most effective way to achieve this is by instilling socially responsible values in people at a very young age.

Our Vision

Opash envisions an inclusively growing society where social transformation/betterment are driven by youths through innovative & sustainable social changes

Our Mission

Help develop socially responsible way of life by making the youth and citizens’ socially aware & provide an environment to nurture and implement innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions for development problems by kindling their entrepreneurial drive

Our Goals

To inspire people to contribute for development through exposure to the existing social issues & projects
To provide a platform for implementing practical innovative solutions intended for achieving sustainable development
To achieve sustainable development in a systematic process oriented manner, that is socially viable

Our Approach

  • Collaborative Process Driven Approach
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Innovative Tailor Made Solutions
  • Pre and Post Implementation Support
  • Emphasis on Scalable and Versatile Solutions
  • End to end resource and technical support
  • Commitment to Deliverables

Latest Events

Open workshop for Internal Committee Members – POSH.(Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace)

This shall be a paid and exclusive 4 Hours Open Workshop through webinar. Details : Date : 12 February 2021, Frid...
Event 3

20 Sep, 2017

Event 3

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The People

  • OPASH Team
  • Advisory Team
Atharva Kulkarni
Saisha Suryawanshi
Pratik Langarkande
Anand Bangale
Suyash Abhyankar
Rohit Khade
Shraddha Khandelwal
Adv.Tejashri Padmanabhi
Laxman Suryawanshi
Roopal Joshi
Kavita Puri
Pallavi Bhurewar
Ameya Joshi


Ms.Triveni Walgude-Visitor-Anandwan, Hemalkasa, Somnath Tour

I thank Opash for giving us the opportunity to visit Anandwan, Hemalkasa, Somnath projects. The experience of the visit was beautiful and mesmerizing and it’s a different world which I had read in books or saw in the movie. The tour was well planned and we all enjoyed a lot. Whatever I saw there cannot be expressed in words.