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2 - Implementing Partner of Social Projects



Opash joins hands with the government and NGOs for their respective projects by providing those with the strategic advisory and implementing expertise. Opash helps with the consultancy services based on the survey and researches and has participatory approach for the projects. An assistance is provided in strategic, tactical and executive levels

Implementing Partners for Government and NGO’s:

  • Government Projects:
    • Conducting surveys and researches for the projects initiated by the government
    • To be consulting and implementing partner for the government projects
    • To create models for sustainable and scalable projects in association with the government
    • Compilation and analysis of data
    • Impact assessment entity for the government projects
  • NGO Projects
    • Conducting pre and post surveys for the NGO projects
    • To reach to the grass root level and know the ground realities; the knowledge to be used in planning the projects for NGOs, Governments and Corporates willing to support
    • Capacity building for the NGOs
    • Guiding and partnering entity for the NGO projects
    • Stakeholder analysis and impact assessment
    • Process orientation