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4 - CSR



Opash works together with the corporates for their CSR initiatives and objectives through strategic consulting. Opash encourages socially ethical business and sustainable CSR initiatives rather than the common and easy philanthropic approach. Through the strategic CSR consultancy, Opash encourages active employee engagement and participation to sharpen the social conscience among the people. It also ensures the NGO empowerment through the CSR initiatives

CSR Consultancy

  • Partnering CSR initiatives and assisting the corporates to create benchmark projects for social change
  • Assisting corporates to accomplish their CSR objectives by Strategic CSR Consulting
  • Philanthropy Vs. Wisdom
  • Opening new dimensions to CSR initiatives by evolving and adopting a standard approach
  • Strategize NGO empowerment

Services of CSR would be as following

  • Scrutiny of organization
  • Strategizing CSR
  • Forming CSR Policies
  • CSR Implementation
  • CSR Reporting
  • CSR Audit
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Employee engagement social activities
  • NGO Empowerment

For Corporate: –

  • Systematic CSR
  • Internal CSR policy implementation
  • Proper channelization of funding
  • Network building
  • Employee engagement social initiatives
  • Association with various government authorities, corporates and social organizations
  • CSR Reporting according to Government Rules
  • Ethical business practices
  • Goodwill creation
  • Certification