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Opash a Socio-Commercials Pvt. Ltd. organized a program to launch Tarini – helpline regarding “Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplaces” (POSH). The initiative was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Jayshree Katare, Resident Deputy Collector, Pune, Girija Oak Godbole, Actress, Adv. Rama Sarode, Legal Consultant POSH and Sadhana Khati, Chairperson, Local Committee, Pune on occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020.


#Tarini helpline number– “70 30 43 43 43” is exclusively for working women from organised (Private and Government) as well as unorganised sector.


#Tarinihelpline shall be a communication channel for the women across various sectors across Pune to seek help in case of any grievance or distress faced at work place, Assistance or guidance regarding the POSH Act and procedures for the same, Help the distressed women will get assistance by getting them connected to the right authority dealing with such cases. (Legal/Local Committee/NGO).


#Tarinihelpline is free and will be initiated from 9th March 2020 between 10am to 6pm in aims to guide women in Marathi initially and then Hindi, English and other languages in the near future. The helpline aims to maintain secrecy of the women in distress and need not give any personal details or details of the company.


#Opash aims to assure the society that shall create a dedicated communication channel which will exclusively help distressed women and make sure justice prevails. By all measures this platform shall not be misused by females for making law work for their benefits.