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Opash Socio-Commercials Pvt. Ltd is organizing a one day activity in Village Ranjane for Rice Sowing( Bhaat Perni/Laavni).This activity will be helpful for the farmer as well as a learning experience for the participants.

Date: 21st July , Saturday


  1. Leave Pune By 7.00 a.m( Transport arranged)
  2. Village Visit
  3. Interaction with Villagers
  4. Shramsanskar- Bhaat Perni/Laavni( 3 hours)
  5. Chulivarcha Jevan
  6. Historic Wada and Vihir Visit- Khamgaon
  7. Return To Pune ( evening)

Package: Rs.1500/- per person

Inclusions:Transport , Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

Contact: 9881233374 /020-25461144 for more details and bookings